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Asian Wellness


We focus on authentic Thai Massages, Natural Beauty, Herbal Medicine and Natural Healing

There are lots of Spa's in Thailand offer you mostly the same type of massages and treatments. We don't like to be following this trend!
We are delivering truly ancient Thai massages, herbal medicine, the secrets of Asian beauty and natural healing.


The real thing!

Thai Massages are famous for addressing the roots of problems in health. Wat Pho in Bangkok is the home of traditional Thai massages and medicine. Wat Pho is the first government registered medical facility in Thailand (1957) and still the main education center for traditional healing and massages.


Beauty Treatments

Asian Beauty is known all over the world! So why Asian people always looks so young and fresh? Discover the secrets at Lanna Dusita Resort


146 Paton Rd. T. Paton
A. Mueang Chiang Mai 50300


Phone: +66 (0) 53 110345-6
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